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Give your home a cool loft feel – get the fashionable concrete look now!

02. May, 2019 / Blogpost from Bjoern -

You heard it here first – the hype around the concrete look home interior trend looks set to continue! It’s hardly surprising when you can give your home interior a laid-back, urban feel with furnishings in this clean, chic concrete look. All you need to fashionably style your furniture in this cool concrete look are the piece of furniture that you want to give a DIY makeover, a creative flair for pasting and – of course – the new d-c-fix® Concrete decorative film.


Cool, cooler – concrete: the new film will become your favorite style tool!


So, how much urban chic do you want in your home? Whether it’s a tray, side table or dining table, or all the drawers on your chest of drawers, the doors of your wardrobe and perhaps even your entire kitchen front too – you decide how much of this mega-casual, modern and astoundingly real-looking concrete look you want to add your home. But one thing’s for sure – you won’t be able to get enough of this cool furniture makeover! You can get the decorating wonder weapon for your new DIY projects in your local hardware store and online! Let’s get Concrete!

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