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Style upgrade: a nicer way to change a diaper with ornamental design!

Project from Alex -

Quick question: do you know the most important place in the everyday life of all parents of babies and toddlers? Bingo: it’s the changing table! And because you quite a lot of time is spent changing diapers, dressing and undressing, changing clothes and freshening up, this place should also be designed to make everyone feel good. Our changing table hack with the d-c-fix® ceramics Oriental Element 3D wall covering makes the wall behind the changing table a great eye-catcher with ornamental tile design. The colors: soft, pleasant in subtle shades of beige and green. The pattern: vibrant and noble. The effect: wow!

You will need…

  • d-c-fix® ceramics Oriental Element 3D wall covering
  • d-c-fix® application kit with doctor blade and utility knife
  • d-c-fix® ceramics adhesive
  • Paintbrush
  • Pencil

  • Yard stick
  • Rule
  • Cloth
  • Filler

Let’s go!

This is how to create the wall enhancement step by step:


You have everything you need? Then get started!

Step 1

Prepare the wall surface to be worked by smoothing out any unevenness with suitable filler. Then define and measure the wall area to be covered behind the changing table.

Step 2

Cut the first strip of ceramics 3D wall covering according to the dimensions.

Step 3

Now apply the ceramics adhesive evenly to the back of the strip.

Step 4

Now apply the strip to the wall, align it and press it down firmly with your hand.

Step 5

Use the doctor blade to affix the sheet to the wall and smooth it out.

You’re done!

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