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Liven up Your Home with Our New Berry Tones

26. January, 2019 / Blogpost from Antonia -

The new year is already a good three weeks old – and if your new year’s resolutions for 2019 included a desire for more energy, freshness and vitamins each day, then we’ve got the perfect idea for you: How about livening up your own four walls with stylish berry tones? After all, you want to feel good not only physically but also in your home, too. Berry tones are the perfect way to create good vibes – either throughout your home or in intense, carefully dosed portions.

As soon as you wake each morning, you can enjoy the warm, almost glowing tone of the chest of drawers adorned with the d-c-fix® foil in the new berry tone – a tone so intense and authentic you can almost feel the vitamins! Alternatively, your cupboard doors or the back walls of your bookshelf might also benefit from a well-deserved fresh kick of berry.

Imagine the double dose of energy you’ll get when you’re in the kitchen preparing a fruit and smoothie bowl or as your beloved espresso machine is bubbling away, emitting a seductive aroma, while you’re admiring your newly redesigned front kitchen panels in warm, glowing berry tones. In the bathroom, too, an intense berry tone on your mirror cabinet or bathroom furniture will give you a hit of positive energy that you can take with you into your day or evening. Of course, delicate hints of berry can also give you the motivation you need when working at home in your study or creative space. Using the new d-c-fix® berry adhesive foil to create carefully placed highlights, you can create a health-filled feast for your eyes and soul to give you that extra shot of creative energy you need to achieve everything on your to-do list.

So inspire yourself anew – you and your home deserve it as the new year kicks off!

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