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Application Guide: d-c-fix® performance films

d-c-fix® performance films offer a wide range of applications: You can add privacy to your window & glass surfaces using transparent static or self-adhesive window films. Our special sun protection films or tinted films even serve as heat and glare protection.

Using d-c-fix® adhesive or static cling films is quick and easy with the right preparation – with the right step-by-step instructions, attachment is simple and bubble-free.


Tip: To avoid air bubbles, always work from the center outwards to the window frame when attaching the glass foils.

Tool list:

  • squeegee
  • boxcutter
  • scissors
  • spray bottle filled with water/dishwasher detergent mixture
  • soft cloth
Dcfix Fensterbekleung Step2

1. Prepare and clean the window pane.

The surface must be smooth, free of dust and grease. Always clean windows thoroughly in advance with commercially available glass cleaner. Stuck-on dirt on the pane, such as fly dirt or paint residues, can be carefully removed with a glass scraper.

2. Measure the window

Measure the window and mark the back of the protective paper, deducting 1/8 inch (2-3 mm) on all sides so it will fit inside the window frame. Then trim.

Please note: A transparent backing paper protects all functional d-c-fix® perfromace films (adhesive & static cling). You’ll need to remove it, or the film will not stick!

Dcfix Fensterbekleung Step1
Dcfix Fensterbekleung Step3

3. Spray the surface

Spray the glass surface with plenty of water using the spray bottle. Until the window is completely wetted with water.

4. Remove backing paper

Remove the transparent thin backing paper – it protects the foil.

Dcfix Fensterbekleung Step4
Dcfix Fensterbekleung Step5

5. Position on Glass

Position the material on the glass. For correction, the film can be pushed into position on the pane with both hands.

6. Squeeze out moisture

Squeeze out moisture from the middle to the edges with the felt side of the squeegee.

Tip: To avoid air bubbles, always work from the center outwards to the window frame when attaching the glass foils.

Dcfix Fensterbekleung Step6

Tutorial: How to apply d-c-fix® performance films

Sun protection & mirror effect film

The sun protection & mirror effect film for windows offers UV protection and protection against direct heat radiation at the same time – it improves the climate of the room and thus contribute to an ambience of wellbeing.

Static cling tinted performance film

The static cling tinted & sun protection film adheres statically (no adhesive required), offers UV protection, protection against direct heat radiation and best possible shield against glare and unwanted observers

Good to know! d-c-fix® performance films protect against UV radiation and heat

d-c-fix® Static Sun Protection

d-c-fix®Static Tinted