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Hi, I’m Alex.

12. April, 2019 / Blogpost from Alex -

My friends describe me as a laid-back guy and definitely as a practical person. I’m a doer and I like working with my hands – both in my electrical engineering degree and at home in my own environment. The feeling of slumping onto the sofa, satisfied after a DIY session, and enjoying the sight of my new masterpiece is simply priceless. My tip is to not always buy new furniture, but build your own or spice up your old furniture. With d-c-fix® adhesive film in a variety of designs, you can achieve a great transformation in next to no time. For my last DIY project, I lent my bedroom an understated Scandinavian touch – because home is where you want to really feel comfortable.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re binge-watching your favorite series, chilling on your bed or cooking in your own kitchen with the music cranked up – it has to feel right. And, after all, what feels more like home than homemade?

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