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Upcycling in Trendy Industrial Chic Look

05. October, 2019 / Blogpost from Lucy -

Upcycling works in any style – and we’ve discovered a look for you that perfectly fits that hip living feeling this autumn/winter: Industrial Chic. Its casual elegance is simply irresistible – and perfect for giving your old furniture new shine and glamour with upcycling.


Turn old and used into truly chic! 


You’ll need: an old favorite piece of furniture, even one with quirks and flaws. Plenty of rolls of d-c-fix® Quadro Night Blue and Concrete decor for its casual contrast on the front of your furniture. If you want to show or stage the interior of a piece of furniture – important for a bar cabinet or desk – then an accent color is a good choice. For this you might also go with a varnish foil in sun yellow or shiny foil in gold or bronze for that extra touch of luxury.


DIY upcycling in Industrial Chic gives your used furniture a long-awaited upgrade – for wow effects that will surprise even you!

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